✓ True CAD for CAM
✓ Direct Modelling
✓ Easy Model Repair
✓ Advanced Surfacing
✓ Electrode Design
✓ Reverse Engineer
✓ Sheet Metal

    Features at a Glance

    Features at a Glance

    Edgecam Designer fills the gap between traditional CAD Software and CAM Software.
    From component and fixture design to part repair & modification our CAD for CAM product “DESIGNER” is the ultimate software solution for taking geometry through to manufacture. Repair “broken” models and surfaces with ease and prepare your Design models for the digital Manufacturing process.

    Using Direct Modelling techniques the user is freed from the constraints of a traditional modelling system. Rather than modifying a lengthy series of parameters to make a design change. Direct modelling gives the user complete freedom of construction whether creating a new component or modifying an existing design created in any of the myriad of CAD formats that Designer supports.

    Utilize DESIGNER’S powerful and easy to use tools for:

    Extensive list of CAD import formats

    3D Solid Component and Fixture Design

    Model repair

    Feature Suppression and Model Simplification

    Generate geometry specific to Manufacturing.

    2D – 3D Geometry conversion

    Electrode design

    Powerful sketching

    Advanced surfacing

    Sheet Metal

    Reverse Engineering

    CAD for CAM

    CAD for CAM

    Direct modelling frees the user from the constraints of a traditional modelling system. Rather than modifying a lengthy series of parameters to make a design change, direct modelling allows the user to push, pull and drag the geometry to obtain their desired shape. These changes can be completely freeform or driven by numeric increments and measurements taken from existing geometry. Knowledge of how the original model was constructed is no longer necessary and design changes are not constrained to the original methods of creation.

    Model Healing

    Small gaps between surfaces on imported models can be automatically healed preventing the time consuming process of rebuilding very small surface patches. Where surfaces are corrupt or missing

    Feature suppression

    Many times the incoming CAD data includes geometric features that are either unnecessary for CAM, or will not be created by the machining process itself. Post-machining processes such as laser engraving, electrode marking and other techniques are often represented on the model. While this was important for the CAD design and will ultimately reside in the final component, such markings often impede the job of the CAM programmer.

    Model Simplification

    Along with suppressing certain features of the model not used for machining, the user may wish to simplify the geometry during various stages of the machining process. Removing portions of the model, such as intersecting features, makes the machining process faster and provides better results

    Working with 2D – 3D

    Designer supports the import of DXF and DWG files allowing the user to transform existing 2D data into a 3D model by simply reusing the imported profiles from the original data. Imported data automatically creates sketch profile regions making the transformation from 2D to 3D easier than ever.

    Engineering Drawing

    Generate Engineering Drawings quickly from 3D CAD data with all general engineering tools available.

    Add-On Modules

    Advanced Surfacing

    DESIGNER’s Surfaces module enables the creation and manipulation of complex, freeform surfaces such as lofted, helical, swept and tangential surfaces. Included are more specialised surface creation tools including splitting parts into cavity and core, parting and split plane, bend relief for reducing and modifying complex bends, and the creation of large offsets from complex parts.


    DESIGNER offers an optional reverse engineering solution, REcreate. It provides a suite of dedicated functionality aimed at creating a full CAD model from a physical part. The solution can easily fit into an existing manufacturing workflow – either scan directly into the application, or import scan data in any format. The assisted tools to help clean a cloud or a mesh make it the perfect tool even if you only require a high-quality mesh model. But if required, you can go all the way to creating a full manufacturable CAD model.

    Electrode Design

    DESIGNER has an optional Electrode Design module. It provides dedicated and intuitive functions designed by engineers with experience in the mould and die industry. The combination of the streamlined electrode functionality, easy to use direct modelling commands and powerful surfacing and healing tools means electrodes can be extracted quickly from imported models, to create finer details on parts which can’t be machined using traditional milling techniques.

    Sheet Metal

    DESIGNER’s dedicated Sheet Metal module brings powerful sheet metal expertise. It enables parts to be redesigned from solid or surface models to sheet metal parts, ready for manufacturing. It takes into account manufacturing parameters and provides dedicated tools to calculate all the required sheet metal operations. The combination of direct modelling and the targeted sheet metal functionality makes light work of changing bend locations and modifying corner conditions.


    We consult with customers to find out where their capabilities lie and where they want to be. We are only too happy to meet with you and assist with obtaining your overall manufacturing effectiveness.


    All Post processor development is carried out inhouse to ensure your requirements are met guaranteeing fast turnaround times.


    We provide in depth training in our products for new customers from the get-go, and or for those users wanting to build on their knowledge in an ever-expanding Digital Manufacturing world, wanting to utilize their software investment to its fullest potential.


    We provide services to customers that require part programming for their CNC Machine tools or existing customers using our products looking to exploit more from their Software investment.





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